Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Replacements 09/10

The whole world has been known that the departure of the most expensive player to the Galacticos squad in Bernabeu. The same feeling is felt to the lost of our most loyal Argentine to our neighbor (most probably). But the main challenge here is how to keep our club sustainability to keep hold the Premier League and getting back the Champions League and FA Cup into our hands.

Let’s get started with facts! {All of these data is in comparison ONLY between four players i.e. Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney and Berbatov as they are the forward line).

In last season, we need to admit that Ronaldo was the main player who helped us to retain our Premier League for third time in a row; in terms of goals. He has scored 18 goals which comprises of nearly 41% out of total 44 goals. Even though last season was a hard time for Tevez, he still managed to score 5 goals; which most of it is crucial to our title (except against Liverpool at Anfield).

Where as in Champions League, 6 out of 14 goals were from them. In total 41 out of 75 goals during the whole season. These stats show that without them, we will lose nearly 55% goal scoring rate for next season. Scary, huh?

Now we will look back two seasons ago when we lift the doubles i.e. Premier League and Champions League. In EPL, they scored 45 goals from 62 goals (73% scoring rate) and in UCL they scored 12 from 16 (75%). In total for the whole season, they scored 61 from 74 goals (83%).

From these stats, it shows that we need somebody to fill the goal-scoring gap for us. As if we want to retain the EPL for next season, with Rooney and Berbatov in the same scoring rate, we need Owen and others to create 20 to 25 goals. Furthermore, if we want to get back the Champions League trophy, we have to get Owen and co. to score additional 10 to 15 goals! In summary, the team excluding Rooney and Berbatov need to score 30 to 40 goals to win the EPL and UCL again!!!

Hopefully, we can put our future to Rooney to increase his scoring rate. If Sir Alex can suit him to his position same in England squad, he should be perfectly fit; with bigger prize coming up at the end of next season, 2010 World Cup Finals! And to Owen, please don’t let us down especially the manager whom has a lot of faith in you even before you are a Kop!

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